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Kae Hwa Industrial Co., Ltd. is reputed manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Apron Fabric, factory in Taiwan. On the basis of introducing all kinds of talents, in the spirit of constant innovation and improving quality, with sincerity as our shield to meet the demands of clients, our factory controls quality in the process of design, production and delivery, providing good quality products for every client. We will keep excellent quality, good reputation continuously. Hope to receive precious ideas and suggestions from domestic and overseas'friends. Let us create good achievements in this hot spot and go out for a nice tomorrow together.
  • Fabric Aprons - 6-1 6-1 : Fabric Aprons
    Apron Fabrics
    Weight:38gsm ~ 150gsm
    Width:1397mm ~ 2032mm
    Color: Desire colors are accept by demand.
    The Apron fabrics made by Kae Hwa Industrial are design for reinforce and safer protection on hospital, clinic, painting, coating, beauty salon or food processing field. As various widths, weight, colors and special treatment are available by demands; The different quality roll-goods can help our customer to design on their finished products.

    The following information are available for customer further understand and just let us know which you may need.
    A.    Indicate quotation provide.
    B.    Free sample and specification arrangement.
    C.    Flexible payment terms.
    D.    OEM or custom design on quality.
    E.    Minimum demand for trial.

    Kindly contact with us.

  • Medical Apron - 6-2 6-2 : Medical Apron
    Waterproof Medical Apron
    Taiwan  R.O.C.    
    Weight:38gsm ~ 70gsm
    Width: 1397mm ~ 2032mm
    Color:Customer desire colors are acceptable and welcome.
    Working with Kae Hwa Industrial is the guarantee to have full control on your orders and ensure the best quality you can have. We focused on long term relations and work tightly with customer needs.

    We always manage customer orders in a carefully manner to guarantee full compliance on agreement and demand. With constantly and regularly research and sourcing on new products to extend our product range, this will allow us to provide the better and diversify quality for our customer need.

    All our products, manufactured and delivery always in a carefully checked and tested from business start till shipment arrange. It’s imperative for us to have the quality control to meet customer high standard and the market desire for all our customers.
    Please feel free contact us for further information.

  • Protective Aprons - 6-3 6-3 : Protective Aprons
    Protective Apron Fabrics
    Taiwan  R.O.C.
    Weight:50gsm ~ 90gsm
    Width:1397mm ~ 2032mm )
    Color : Regular White color and most colors are welcome by demand.
    Protective Apron Fabrics is the material laminated by microporous PE Breathable film and desirable Non-woven substrate fabrics. The advantage is oil proof, waterproof, antistatic and recyclable. Beside medical reinforcement, it also suggest for cooking, home cleaning, washing, hospital, food processing, garden cleaning etc.
    Our company Kae Hwa Industrial are not only supply all kinds roll-goods for protective Apron but also provide verity raw material for personal protective coverall, water barrier, agriculture land cover, house wrapping material, Industrial cover and packing since 1998.
    Our product range cover with 1 layer( Film ), 2 layers( SF ), 3 layers( SFS or FSF ) single microporous film or sandwich type laminated type.
    Contact us for further information or any new idea in mind.

  • Cloth Aprons - 6-4 6-4 : Cloth Aprons
    Clothlike Apron Fabrics
    Taiwan  R.O.C.
    Weight:80gsm ~ 150gsm
    Width:1397mm ~ 2032mm
    Color:Customer desire colors are acceptable and appreciate.
    Grade:For safe and better protection for Medical purpose.
    By 1998, our company Kae Hwa Industrial decided a further investment on owner’s hometown Lukang, a small city on middle of Taiwan. This new investment was concentrated on Film casting, Plastic resin research, compounding and the new application for PE Microporous Breathable film and their lamination quality. With outstanding performance and concept, The convertors in Taiwan are always the major player for this field since year 2000, this was not because we have concentrate on new item developing but keep invest on our facility, research, quality control are the major elements to keep us ahead.
    These days, treatments on Anti-Static, Anti-UV, Anti-Aging, Ignition resistance, high Breathability, controllable WVTR are just the basic require by market. What will be additional function by market? Tell us and we will let it happen for you.
    For further information, please contact us directly.


Apron Fabric

products are intricately designed. The company staff will endeavor to provide a high quality service to the customer and guarantee excellent product information, Welcome to the new and old customer visit us. For all details, please never hesitate to contact us.


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