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We are a technical Diaper Fabric manufacturer, supplier and exporter, factory in Taiwan. An active interest, we can provide you with the latest project in the market with the most favorable price and service. We accept OEM & ODM orders. With a strong background designers and manufacturing plants, we can produce different products according to the customer's requirements part. Once you try, you will be satisfied with our products and services.
  • Breathable Sheet - 4-1
    4-1 : Breathable Sheet
    Diaper Backsheet Fabrics
    Taiwan R.O.C.
    Weight: 21gsm ~ 38gsm
    Width : 80mm ~ 2050mm
    Color : White, L.Green, L.Blue, L.Yellow, L.Pink or desirable color by customer.
    Print : Up to 4 colors printed will allow to provide comprehensive colorful print.
    Kae Hwa Industrial is one of the leading manufacturers of Diaper Backsheet Fabrics based in Taiwan. As the first pioneer, our company are concentrate the most on resin compounding and research, converting knowledge, quality developing and cost effect to create a helpful and friendly environment for our customer. Our quality has the most Light weight PE breathable film laminated with Polypropylene fabric to present the difference, which give softness hand feel as cotton. The quality are highly recommend for
    Baby Diaper, Adult Diaper, Incontinent and most hygienic products.

  • Diaper Backsheet - 4-2
    4-2 : Diaper Backsheet
    Hydrophobic Diaper Backsheet
    Taiwan R.O.C.
    Weight: 10gsm ~ 35gsm
    Width : 80mm ~ 2050mm
    Our company is a professional Diaper Backsheet manufacture in Taiwan with more than 15 years experience with most advance technology and facility.  Kae Hwa Industrial have more than 80 staff locate in Taiwan, China and Malaysia plant, this allow the company could close the local market and provide more flexible and in time support to our customer nearby.  The factory is covers a floor space over 15,000 square meters and give the output over 5,000 MT per year.  We are able to supply color film on White, L.Green, L.Blue, L.Yellow, L.Pink or desire color by customer demand.  Also able to give comprehensive colorful printing by our color printer.
    For further information or sample for reference, please contact with

  • Diaper Sheets - 4-3
    4-3 : Diaper Sheets
    Cloth-like Diaper Backsheet
    Taiwan  R.O.C.
    Weight: 23gsm ~ 35gsm
    Width : 80mm ~ 2050mm
    Color : White or desirable by demand.
    Print : Able to provide multiple 4 colors print.
    Grade : Water proof back sheet layer for Baby Adult Diaper.
    Treatment : With Softness, high elongation, high WVTR, high Breathability by demand.
    Beside above feature, the most important factors are …
    1.    We always select and secure the high quality raw material from global supplier such as Exxon, Dow chemical, Kolon  and etc.
    2.    With advanced machinery to control the most stable converting quality, that is to be guaranteed the quality can meet design on mass production.
    3.    As the pioneer and professional manufacturer for Cloth-like diaper backsheet, our goal is to create a possibility for our customer a more competitive and a cost effect product for market competition.  
    4.    Provide professional solution and trouble shooting.
    Feel free to let us know what information or sample would be need and we will be happy to respond shortly.

  • Waterproof Diaper Fabric - 4-4
    4-4 : Waterproof Diaper Fabric
    Waterproof Diaper Fabric
    Taiwan  R.O.C.
    Weight: 23gsm ~ 35gsm
    Width : 80mm ~ 2050mm
    As the professional convertor of various specification of backsheet film and laminated quality, our products including breathable film , non-breathable film, full lamination and partial lamination are all meet hygienic and industry standards. With Low density and high utilize rate , excellent permeability, effective moisture isolate, skin friendly of the on finished products. These factors are not only to improve the competitiveness on diaper products, but also provide cost effect for customer. Quality characteristic as under
    Color : White, L.Green, L.Blue, L.Yellow, L.Pink are available by demand.
    Print : Up to 4 colors multiple printed provide even colorful image.
    Grade : Water proof back sheet layer for Incontinent.
    Treatment : Better Softness, flexible elongation, adjustable WVTR, even better Breathability to meet by demand.

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