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Kae Hwa Industrial Co., Ltd. has been one of the Gown Fabric manufacturers, suppliers and exporters for so many years in Taiwan. We set up team work centralized enterprise culture to train company competence. We initiate human-based management, normalized managing policy, standardization flows and consistent quality. Learning organization is our development aim. We believe that all the employees unite together to work hard, and with our marketing idea that customer first, quality priority, people oriented, we can develop into larger and stronger. At the same time, we can serve customers more value, and devote more to society. We are your best choice.
  • Disposable Medical Gowns - 7-1
    7-1 : Disposable Medical Gowns
    Gown Fabric
    Taiwan  R.O.C.
    Weight:38gsm ~ 150gsm
    Width:1397mm ~ 2032mm
    Color:White, Yellow, Orange. Colors desire by customer is welcome.

    Kae Hwa Gown Fabric are base material and it is application for isolation gowns, patient gowns, surgical gown, visitor gown, operation gown and protective gown. Products available widths are maximum 2030mm and weight can be reach 150gsm by triple layer type. Special treatment as Anti-Static, Anti-Aging, resistance to Ignition, high Breathability, Whiteness increase are also accept by customer demand. SF or SFS materials with reinforce treatment can offer the barrier a better protection against water base liquid, such as body fluid, blood, contaminate liquid, aerosol chemical from most contamination in hospital.

    We also looking for a new application or idea from customer end, please contact with us for further query or sample for study.

  • Disposable Gowns - 7-2
    7-2 : Disposable Gowns
    Disposal Gown Fabric
    Taiwan  R.O.C.
    Weight:38gsm ~ 150gsm
    Width:1397mm ~ 2032mm
    Color:Available for White, Yellow, Blue, Green color, also acceptable customer desire colors.
    Grade:Application for isolation gowns, patient gowns.
    Common non-woven are widely using for disposal gown or a simple protection coverall, however, it is unable to provide effective protection to most microbe and fluid infection, give appropriate protection to wearer are require for doctors, nurse, patient or even the visitor. Our Disposal Gown fabric are laminated the PE breathable film and non-woven to provide user the proper level, ensure preventing microbe, body fluid, blood or contaminate liquid contact and giving the healthcare workers a better protection. With our verity quality and multi structure can always provide our customer with different option on their products.
    Come and see what we can provide on our quality, please contact with us.

  • Medical Gown - 7-3
    7-3 : Medical Gown
    Medical Gown Fabric
    Taiwan  R.O.C.
    Weight:60 ~ 90gsm
    Width:1397mm ~ 2032mm
    Color:White or any desirable colors by requested.

    A qualify Medical Gown Fabric require the even better performance on below..
    Strong barrier properties and repellency
    Good uniformity
    Excellent in breathability
    Acceptable abrasion resistance and lint free
    Light in weight and comfort on wearer
    Excellent exhaust on heat and moisture
    Optimal on fluid absorbency
    With the feature above, the fabric will able to provide finished products an excellent performance while apply as surgical gown, isolation gown or even the drapes.

    For more information or sample for reference, please contact us directly.

  • Isolation Gowns - 7-4
    7-4 : Isolation Gowns
    Isolation Gown Fabric
    Taiwan  R.O.C.
    Weight:80gsm ~ 150gsm
    Width:1397mm ~ 2032mm
    Color:Customer desire colors are most welcome.
    Grade:For heavy duty isolation gowns and protection.
    Since 1998 Kae Hwa was established their first line at Lukang Industrial park in Changhwa Taiwan, Export and research the new quality always the core of the business manner. Now, Kae Hwa is producing a wide range of medical disposable fabrics, such as fabric for Isolation gown, medical gown, surgical gown or drape. Our products have exported to most major convertors in China, Thailand, Mexico and Argentina with multi benefit, also we are look forward to build up new relationships with potential area and customers.  
    Welcome to contact with us for further information on our quality.


Gown Fabric

available in various specifications, are known for fine finishing, corrosion resistance and durability. These cost-effective products are in line with the defined industry standards.


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