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Kae Hwa Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturer, supplier and exporter Microporous Film, with a factory in Taiwan. mainly produces all kinds of this products. Moreover, we can provide you with contract production or help you to develop and design new products according to your requirements. Now, our products are well sold in the world; customers are highly satisfied with our products.
  • PE Laminated - 10-1
    10-1 : PE Laminated
    Microporous PE Film :
    Taiwan  R.O.C.
    Weight:10gsm ~ 100gsm
    Width:80mm ~ 2050mm
    Color:White, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange. Desire color, printing design are also acceptable by demand.
    Print : Up to 4 colors print are easily allow to imitate multiple colorful print.
    The Microporous PE Film made by Kae Hwa Industrial is the best material
    for Hygienic, Medical, Industrial, Agricultural land cover, Construction
    for House wrap, Automobile cover, descant cove and many other different
    usage. Our capability for microporous film are capable from lightest
    weight 10gs for hygienic application to heaviest 100gsm for industrial
    purpose, these verity weight are providing customers an idea quality to
    design and to meet the market need.   With adjustable physical
    properties, resin composite, experience technical  and advance
    production method, the Microporous PE Film are giving the excellent feature on high elongation, controllable on WVTR, Breathability, low lint, better permeability, waterproof and softness.

  • Lamination Film - 10-2
    10-2 : Lamination Film
    Polyethylene Breathable Film:
    Taiwan   R.O.C.
    Weight:10gsm ~ 100gsm
    Width:80mm ~ 2050mm
    Color:White color or desire color by demand. Also with up to 4 colors colorful printed for Hygienic application.

    Customer may understand further through what is Kae-Hwa Industrial from Q&A below.
    Q: Are you an actual factory or trading company?
    A: We are a specialize film casting factory.
    Q: Where is your factory located? How can we visit there?
    A: Our factory is located in Changhwa Taiwan ( the center part of Taiwan
       R.O.C.), only 50 minutes by THSR from CKS International airport.

    Q: Can I get an indicate price for reference?
    A: Of cause we love to provide customer an idea on price.  However,
       customer are supposed to advice what specification or quality they
     are looking for, cause our quality have verity application and
     differ composition.  Therefore, the different composition may lead
    an incorrect pricing.
    Q: How can I get a sample to check the quality? Is it free of charge?
    A: you just need to tell what application or quality target you wished
       and we will arrange similar quality with specification for your
       checking. If samples within 30 meters will be free of charge, but
       courier or freight cost will be cover by customer end.

    Please contact us for further information.

  • Microporous Membrane - 10-3
    10-3 : Microporous Membrane
    Microporous Membrane:
    Weight:20gsm ~ 60gsm
    Width:80mm ~ 2000mm
    Color:White, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Black color are available by customer demand.
    Microporous membrane may composite by different plastic resin, such as Polyurethane, Polypropylene, Polytetraluoroethene, Polyethylene and forming from 1 layer to multi-layer depends for final application. The Polyethylene ( PE ) is the most cost effect for converting among all other materials for disposable or one time products.  Due to this great advantage, the microporous membrane made by polyethylene are widely Use for Hygiene as personal hygienic waterproof barrier, Industrial as cover or protection to block water but allow vapor transmit, Coverall for personal protective dressing, Agriculture as landscape cover or packing, Construction as wall barrier and house wrapping, General purpose as descant cover or packing materials. KAE HWA Industrial are well understand customer need and had concentrate and specialize on these application developed since 1998.  

    For further information or you wished to get more understand about us, please contact with us.

  • PE Lamination Film - 10-4
    10-4 : PE Lamination Film
    PE Microporous Breathable Film:
    Taiwan   R.O.C.
    Weight:10gsm ~ 100gsm
    Width:80mm ~ 2050mm
    Color:White color, Grey color Blue or desirable color are also acceptable by demand.
    Print : Can provide multiple color printed.
    Kae Hwa Industrial Co., Ltd is a professional PE Microporous Breathable Film convertor and supplier, specializing in breathable film casting
    And lamination and we are always ready to develop any new item or quality by customer’s demand or ideas for the market develop.  Our PE Microporous film is one of the synthetic film through the process on casting( extrusion ) and extension to change plastic physical properties
    for customer final application; The process isn’t unique, but it require a professional skill and facilities to ensure the quality meet the setting target. This film are the basic material to support further a converting in to the application for Hygiene, Industrial, Construction, Personal protection cloth, Agricultural cover, Automotive cover and many others.

Presenting a wide range of

Microporous Film

that has high tensile strength, are dimensional accurate and are extremely durable. Easy to maintain, these products have high conductivity.


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