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We are a excellent supplier, manufacturer and exporter that specialized at Outdoor Fabric.Most of our products are exported overseas, we have made it possible to produce products with much more quality,support and affordability for our customers.Moreover, your own design provided are welcome and we believe that a trial order would convince you that the products we are offering are the excellent value for the market.We welcome orders for our own line as well as ODM/OEM orders from small and large customers.
  • Outdoor Cover - 1-1
    1-1 : Outdoor Cover
    Outdoor cover (Waterproof breathable membrane for house wrapping )
    Taiwan R.O.C.
    Weight : 38gsm ~ 150gsm
    Width:55” ~ 80”( 1397mm ~ 2032mm )
    Our breathable membranes have excellent performance at water resistance, meanwhile with particular function of high vapor permeability, which mainly use at construction as underlay on roofs or walls.  2 layers structure PP non-woven fabric of and Micro-porous breathable membrane. They are polyolefin products that can easily be recycled and can even be categorized as a normal household waste. Contact us for further information.

  • Outdoor Covers - 1-2
    1-2 : Outdoor Covers
    Outdoor cover ( Waterproof breathable fabrics for house )
    Taiwan R.O.C.
    Weight:38gsm ~ 150gsm
    Width:55” ~ 80”( 1397mm ~ 2032mm )
    This Waterproof breathable fabrics for house are commonly use as waterproof underlay beneath the roof covering, which impervious to any wind driven rain or snow that gets blown through the roof covering, even when in direct contact with timber rafters and insulation. Meanwhile as they are vapor permeable, that allow the roof structure to breathe, so that the moisture and condensation can easily escape.  They may also act as windproof layer (Air barrier), reducing air leakage through the building envelope, ensuring insulation materials maintain their thermal efficiency by minimizing air infiltration.

  • Outdoor Roof Covering - 1-3
    1-3 : Outdoor Roof Covering
    Outdoor cover( Breathable house wrapping membrane )
    Taiwan. R.O.C.
    Weight:38gsm ~ 120gsm
    Width:45” ~ 80”( 1143mm ~ 2032mm )
    Color:Available for desirable color film and printing by demand.
    Kae-Hwa house wrapping membrane is one of the kind on their grade. With superior material and quality design to meet Anti-static, Anti-UV, Anti-Aging, Ignition resistance, high Breathability, higher MVTR etc. The different substrate provide a superior breathability and physical strength for construction purpose. It is highly recommend for
    House roofing under layer, wall under layer as insulation material for house wrap purpose.
    You are welcome to check further detail with our on line website.  
    Let us know what will be your questions, please contact with us.

  • Outdoor Waterproof Fabric - 1-4
    1-4 : Outdoor Waterproof Fabric
    Outdoor cover (Moisture proof breathable sheet for house wrapping )
    Taiwan.  R.O.C.
    Weight:50gsm ~ 150gsm
    Width:55” ~ 80”( 1397mm ~ 2032mm )
    This breathable sheet is synthetic material and also an ideal material for construction under layer, which contain special stabilization additives and fine substrate which extend their resistance to UV radiation, block the moisture and water from outside of the house.  Quality is most recommended for roofing, basement, warehouse to protect your structure from water infiltration.
    We always provide the competitive price and reliable quality for customer. Please contact us for any further question.

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