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As one of the manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Waterproof Membrane, factory located in Taiwan. our mission is to pioneer the high-tech industry by delivering long-term value to customers, employees and partners through continued innovation and excellence in all aspects of our business. We continues to innovate, to build and to bring to market leading-edge. please contact us right now!
Waterproof Membrane - 12-4
Model: 12-4
Waterproof Membrane
E Microporous Membrane
Taiwan    R.O.C.
Product weight:10gsm ~ 100gsm
Product width:80mm ~ 2000mm
Color of the film:White, Grey, Black or most desire colors by customer
Printing capability:Available for 4 colors and multiple printed.

The PE Microporous Membrane with high air permeability, strong waterproof character and the low cost effect had made it as the most idea barrier for all kinds of disposal products. The roll-goods made by Kae Hwa Industrial Co., Ltd are one of the leading company and supplier in Taiwan and South East Asia. Our products are one of the key element for construction (house wrap, underlayment, roof, covers, wall barrier ), medical (disposable bed sheet, gown), Hygienic( Diaper back sheet, Pad ), Agriculture( fruit pack or cover, land cover ), Industrial packing, Industry protective coverall( for harsh environment, Chemical pollute, Painting or Printing work shop )and etc. We provide customer not only a value plus quality roll-goods and service, but also willing to develop the low cost and desirable material to helping our customer to breaks through the market competition.
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Waterproof Membrane

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